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Your personal movie assistant app

Ava - Movie Assistant is your all-in-one movie app for discovering movies and managing your movie collection.

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Ava - Movie Assistant was built to offer the best Android experience for exploring and managing movie information.

Discover movies

Discover movies by criteria, recommendation lists & movie trailers

Track your movies

Manage collected or watched movies, personal ratings & lists


Keep track of the movies you want to watch next

Watched movies

Mark the movies you've already watched

Streaming services

Find out where to watch a movie or discover movies by streaming service availabilities

Movie ratings

Get movie ratings from popular sites like IMDb, Metacritic, Trakt.tv & TMDb

Cast & crew

Get movie credits and general information on cast & crew members


Get notified when a movie gets available to stream on one of your favored streaming services

Discover movies & people

Browse 750,000+ movies and 2,500,000+ people.
Discover new movies on your favored streaming services by discover criteria, recommendation lists and recent trailers.

Compare ratings of IMDb, Metacritic, Trakt.tv, Rotten Tomatoes & TMDb and make your decision what to watch next!

Manage your Movie Library

Keep track of your Watchlist and movie collection.
Rate movies, mark them as watched and create your personal movie lists.

"The strong point of this application is its very neat interface and the very powerful search function with detailed and well indexed movie files."
"... if you're looking for a cool movie app, which is going to help you discover new movies and looks really cool to interact with, Ava - Movie Assistant is the way to go!"

It's true. Ava loves TheMovieDB!

Ava - Movie Assistant is powered by the TMDb API. Without TheMovieDB the development of Ava would not have been possible.



This product uses the TMDb API but is
not endorsed or certified by TMDb.

Ava - Movie Assistant:

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Google Play and the Google Play logo
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